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Les Emballages Florisec Inc. specializes in importing and distributing  packaging, small supplies and raw materials for restaurants and the foodservice industry.


We are making every effort to ensure our clients' satisfaction.


Les Emballages Florisec Inc. imports high quality products from France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.


We also provide shipping anywhere in Canada and the United-States. Our delivery service is available in Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke, Gatineau and Ontario region.


Les Emballages Florisec Inc. represents:

  • More than 7,000 products.

  • More than 10,000 sq ft warehouse.

  • More than 1,000 clients around Canada and the United-States.

  • Only 4 minutes from Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Tunnel.

  • A showroom to better serve you.

Food Packaging Florisec Longueuil Quebec Montreal Boucherville Delivery Shipping


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Cuisine Moléculaire
Food Packaging
Panibois Moulds
Chocolate Mould
Chocolate Mould


Florisec's main objectives are to stay on top of the constant changes and trends in the food packaging industry. Furthermore, we are continuously paying attention to our customers by offering an individual and personalized service that will meet their specific needs. Based on a professional and courteous customer service, Florisec is always ensuring a positive relationship with its customers and its suppliers.


our history

Our Representatives, Customer Service, Sales and Purchasing, Inventory and Shipping departments devote all their energy providing the highest quality service possible.


It is a privilege for us to serve our customers who are just as passionate as we are about their craft!



Les Emballages Florisec Inc. for more than 20 years...


Mr. Pierre Mayence, came from Belgium in 1995 to settle in St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville, Quebec and started his own business Les Emballages Florisec Inc. Despite being an established agronomist, his passion for food motivated him to start a brand new career.


Pierre's endless curiosity for food packaging products,  his awareness of changes, developments and trends in the culinary industry and his continual research to offer the best quality products in the market, Les Emballages Florisec Inc. became the respected and trustworthy packaging company we now know.


In 2000, Mr. Mayence moved the comany in its current location on Labadie Street in Longueuil Quebec.


It is in 2014 that Mr. Mayence's close friends; Mr. Michel VanLandschoot and Mrs. Diane Couvrette, became the new company's directors. They will continue to be guided by Mr. Mayence's vision, while establishing themselves with a professional and courteous approach, a personalized customer service as well as competitive prices.


Pierre Mayance Emballages Florisec food packaging Quebec Longueuil Montreal Boucherville Canada
Pierre Mayence 1969-2014
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