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NEW glass and plastic VERRINES

Made in France - High Quality Product

Plastic verrine and bottle TWIST BODEGA

250 ml (∅70 h77 mm) or 500 ml (∅90 h95 mm) or 200ml

Lid included

  • Screw-on cap for a leakproof solution

  • Material: PET Verrine and PP Lid

  • Model: 250ml or 500 ml for an appetizer, dessert or a salad

  • Model: 200 ml for any beverages

  • Reuse and Recycle

Twist Bodega  plastic verrine with lid

Borocilicate glass Verrine

30 ml or 80 ml

Thermal shock resistant

Verrine Borosilicate glass
Verrine Borosilicate glass

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Verrine Borosilicate glass

Glass Verrine - Yogurt Jar

New dimension : 180 ml

Lid also available

Yogurt jar in glass

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